TV appearances, showcasing at Google and picking up their new Pulsar!

Ryan Scott (26) and Sam O’Bryne (24) have had a summer to remember with success on all fronts as Nissan Generation Next ambassadors, food entrepreneurs and rising stars of Irish sailing. Here’s a recap from Ryan.

The past few weeks have been a lot about balancing our ambition to continue making Dropchef a success while also achieving success in international sailing. It has been hectic but we are happy to report positive results on both counts.

We picked up our new Nissan Pulsar on August 5th and I had to run that day to catch a flight to Southampton to take part in Cowes Week, which is one of the longest-running and biggest regattas in the world with 1,400 boats competing.

I competed in the Quarter Ton class as part of a five-man crew. We finished the week up in second place, narrowly missing out on the win. We were very happy with the result. While I was in Cowes I managed to get out sailing on an M32 catamaran. This is the same boat used in the World Tour so it was good to get a bit of experience on it. I feel like I’m more than fit enough to race one now and that all I now need to do is tp find a team with an open position.

As I write this Sam is going into the last day of the J24 European Championships. He is currently lying in 4th place (3rd European entry) so I’m really stoked to see that all his training over the last year has paid off. It has been quite busy at Dropchef recently and we just about found the time to focus on these events.

While I was away I missed DropChef’s first morning TV appearance. Fortunately, my co-founders Sam and Roman were all over it and did a great job – despite having to get out of bed at 4am!

Life at Dropchef continues to be busy and we recently joined a host of other up and coming food companies in showcasing our business at Google’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin. It was great to be joined there by fellow Nissan Generation Next ambassador Sarah O’Connor from the Cool Bean Company.

Google has been an important part of our story and we have had a hub at their base in Dublin now for nine months. Workers there can order meals through a separate part on our website and their order and easy to follow menus are delivered on the same day. On any given day there are upwards of 5,000 people working at the building.

All of our other deliveries are made on a Sunday and Monday and business is growing week by week. Dropchef saves customers time and money while also eliminating food waste. For every meal that we deliver we donate a meal to children with Severe Acute Malnourishment and we are looking forward to reaching some important milestones in the coming weeks. But more about that in our next blog.