Preparing to face Kerry

Dublin senior footballer Shane Carthy has his eyes fixed on success on and off the pitch as Dublin prepare to face Kerry and green energy suppliers Vayu continue to expand in the Irish market.

The Championship is in full swing and the focus right now is on the game against Kerry. It’s flat out with training at the moment with different camps and prep work to win an All-Ireland. I am busy at work too but everything is progressing nicely.

The prep work is all part of making sure everything goes to plan against Kerry. It’s all about detail, looking at tapes, seeing the way they play and building a game plan to beat them. I am confident enough that we can beat them but there are no guarantees in life or sport.

The tradition of great games between the two counties goes right back to the 70’s, so you know it’s going to be a full house at Croke Park and that there will be a great atmosphere on the day.

My field training now involves a lot of kicking, catching and shooting and working on the basic skills of the game. It’s all about sharpening up and sharpening the axe for battle! All the hard training is done in the winter and during the League, so right now you just want to be as fresh as possible.

My job with Vayu, who are commercial and industrial suppliers of natural gas and electricity, is quite busy too. It’s a growing market and it’s interesting to be working in a sector that is expanding so quickly.

I look after Northern Ireland business development for the renewables team. It’s a small team and a very niche market. We work closely with businesses to provide 100% green energy, sourced from renewable technologies in Ireland. These technologies range from Wind farms, Solar PV, Biomass and hydro, to name a few. We have ambitious targets for the year ahead and we are driving on to make Ireland a more sustainable country.