Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe

Olympic modern pentathlete, current European champion and Nissan Generation Next Select 2015.

Arthur is the European Modern Pentathlon Champion. He was the youngest Olympian at the 2012 London Olympic Games, but now he’s qualified for Rio 2016 he’s got another goal in his mind – that goal is GOLD. #FollowMe

Arthur Lannigan O’Keefe – World Cup Final & Senior World Championships in Moscow
July 12, 2016

Quick Catch up with Arthur including a clip from the World Cup Final win, A personal video from a kid called Jackson and travel to Moscow for the Senior World Championships.

Arthur Lannigan O’Keefe – a training machine!
April 21, 2016

Pentathlete Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe continues to put in the hard yards in preparation for Rio with no attention to detail overlooked. With a training load score of 6,400 per week Arthur has become a training machine!

Life has been pretty busy since I last checked in. The time I was heading to Rio for a pre Olympic test event. The trip also gave me a chance to trial facilities in Curitiba which I was thinking of using for my final training camp right before the Games.

Curitiba was nice but the facilities were not quite right, so there is going to be a little bit of  a change. No big deal. It’s how it goes. The plan now is to go to the holding camp in Uberlandia with Team Ireland, so it’s good to have that sorted and to know the road ahead.

The Olympic test had the same facilities and same structures as will be run in the Olympic Games. The venues were nice and I can see myself being comfortable there. I had a good vibe from the place and I really like it.

It was incredibly hot and humid but it won’t be nearly as hot come August. It will be their winter then so it will be a full ten degrees colder, mainly 24 to 25 degrees. Acclimatising to the humidity will not be a problem for me and I am used to competing in those conditions.

I did not go very well in the test event. I overdid the training over the six weeks beforehand. Physically I was in super shape but mentally I was exhausted. I needed a few days recovery and to take my head out of sport for a while. Once I was finished I had one or two days in Rio. That really helped and I have been training hard since.

I am heading to the World Cup Final in Sarasota in May, flying into the US on May 6th and competing May 8th. I fly back and two weeks later I will be heading to Russia for the Senior World Championships which are taking place in Moscow. I have targeted both competitions and I am feeling confident, competitive and fit heading into them.

I have decided to focus on maintaining a high training load and to focus on these two events rather than flying around world chasing points in World Cup events. It makes no sense to do that having already qualified for the Games.

No one really cares about world ranking points. No one will remember what world ranking you were on in mid-year compared to who ends up on the podium in Rio. History books are not written on world rankings. It is about who is on the Olympic podium.

Every training session I complete is like putting money in the bank. Right now it’s about getting that money into the bank so that I can withdraw it all in Rio. I’ve just got to keep lodging those cheques! It’s a grind, but it’s all good. The last two weeks where the highest training loads that I’ve done in my life. It is quite cool just how well things are going and I am super motivated.

I have a system that is monitored by the guys at the Irish Institute of Sport. They monitor my weekly loads. My load score from Monday to mid Saturday was 6,400. To put that into perspective, a 70 minute hardish run would give you a load score of 250.

If I am not training I am sleeping or eating. It’s full on. It’s official. I’ve turned into a training machine!

Arthur Lannigan O’Keefe – looking ahead to summer 2016!
April 4, 2016

In his February vlog, Arthur travels to Curitiba in Brazil.
Arthur is  training there at the moment to test out the venue as he might be using it for the weeks leading into the Olympic Games.

Arthur Lannigan-O’Keefe – Taking Training Up a Notch
March 1, 2016

Training 30 hours a week and sleeping 14 hours a day in an altitude tent is paying dividends for pentathlete Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe who is currently ranked second in the Olympic World Rankings as he heads to a pre Olympic test event in Rio.

I’m just heading back to the airport after a brief pitstop and family visit in Dublin. I flew in yesterday from Cairo where the first World Cup event of the year took place.  I finished 10th and I am currently ranked second in the Olympic World Rankings. That is pretty cool and I am delighted that everything is positively on track for Rio. Read on…

Arthur Lannigan O’Keefe – Finishing 2015 as a Champion
October 23, 2015

Arthur became the 2015 European Champion and ensured qualification for the Olympic games this summer – Well done Arthur on your #RoadtoRio

Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe
August 27, 2015

Arthur has recently just won silver in the World Cup Final in Minsk. He is now ranked world no.1 in the Mixed Relay. He has previously represented Ireland at the 2012 London Olympic Games, and he now just has one goal, GOLD in Rio 2016.


Arthur created history at the European Modern Pentathlon Championships in Bath last August. He became the first-ever Irish pentathlete to win gold and also secured his place at the Rio Olympic Games. For Arthur it was all part of a plan. Read on…