Ryan Scott & Sam O'Byrne

Founders of healthy eating company DropChef.com and Nissan Generation Next Select 2016

Fitness and healthy living is central to Ryan and Sam’s lives. They founded DropChef.com to make cooking dinner easier by delivering all the ingredients to cook a healthy dinner, along with an easy to follow recipe, straight to your door. Each ingredient is pre-measured, saving you time, money and eliminating your food waste.

Dropchef.com food entrepreneur Ryan Scott is certainly making 2017 a year to remember, expanding his business nationwide and crewing a boat on a pretty cool sailing trip across the equator from Rio de Janeiro to Antigua.
February 20, 2017

My ambition has always been to create and a successful business as well as competing in sailing at a very high level. The past few weeks have certainly left me with the feeling that I am right track to achieve my goal.

January was a milestone month for Dropchef.com as we expanded and launched our new nationwide delivery service delivering healthy food everywhere in Ireland. It’s great to grow the business outside of Dublin and we’ve taken on a new member to our team to help manage logistics and our relationship with a new overnight delivery partner.

The opportunity came up soon after to focus on my passion for sailing when I was invited to join the professional Black Pearl Racing Team in delivering and sailing a 47 foot racing boat (‘The Pearl’) from Rio de Janeiro some 3,500 nautical miles across the equator to Antigua in the Caribbean.

I raced with the team last year. This year they were racing from Cape Town to Rio so they flew me out to help out because they needed someone who knew the boat and the team to get it from Rio to Antigua for the start of another race.

It was my first time to cross the equator by sea which is a rite of passage for many experienced sailors and something that was always on my Bucket List. We spent a solid two weeks at sea, up to 1,000 miles off-shore. The first few days we were sailing into the wind which was pretty rough but after day five we hooked into the trade winds and were off! It was an incredible adventure and a pretty cool way to kick off the year.

Dropchef.com has been so full on that it can be difficult to a moment to take time away from the business. Eating freeze-dried food for a couple of weeks is not everyone’s cup of tea but my only complaint was losing a few kilos. I also row competitively and losing muscle mass was the only downside of my time away.

It’s back to the grindstone now and we’re looking forward to launching a whole bunch of new recipes and to growing the business across the country. After the time away I had to reacquaint myself with our Nissan Pulsar as it handles pretty differently to the Pearl.

December 9, 2016

Dropchef food entrepreneurs Ryan Scott and Sam O’Byrne are taking the hassle of out cooking Christmas dinner for households all over Ireland with the launch of their delicious Christmas Box.

I am delighted to report that we’ve just launched our new Christmas Box. We’ve spent two months working on it and it really is something special delivering premium ingredients and a simple step-by-step recipe to wow guests.

We haven’t done Christmas before and this is our third Christmas in Dropchef. So we teamed up with Paul Hogan who produces the most magnificent woodland bronze turkeys at his farm in Kells.

What makes these birds special is that they are raised outdoors day and night. We convinced Paul to supply our customers and the Christmas Boxes also come with all the trimmings for a great Christmas dinner like ham, Irish smoked organic salmon, root vegetables, roast potatoes in duck fat, a cheese board – the works.

We really thought about this one and we weren’t sure people would buy it but so far customers have been really enthusiastic about it.  The past few weeks have been the busiest ever at Dropchef. The boxes are available until our limited supply of turkeys runs out. These turkeys are something special and we decided not to do the box with any other type of turkey.

We also designed and launched our new packaging which has eliminated the use of expanded polystyrene creating a more environmentally friendly product.  We  have also expanded to included nationwide delivery and we now have quite a few new customers outside of Dublin.

Getting everything right has left little time for sailing but I am working on taking part in a long trip away in the New Year while Sam has somehow found time to obtain his Yacht Masters Certification which means that he can skipper more boats.

Everyone at Dropchef is looking forward to the New Year. January is always one of our busiest months as people focus on living and eating better and we are well prepared with some delicious recipes and boxes to get everyone’s New Year off to a flying start.

Prep for Christmas Box!
December 3, 2016

Visiting some very happy (for now) Turkeys in preparation of Dropchef’s Christmas box.

October 9, 2016

Dropchef food entrepreneurs Ryan Scott and Sam O’Byrne are preparing to expand their business nationwide on the back of some successful appearances at the National Ploughing Championships and on TV3’s ‘Ireland AM’.

Everything has been going really well for us lately. August was a busy and fun month with ‘Back to School’ which is an important time of the year for our business. We were really ready for it and that micro-explosion of demand and it was great to see everything go to plan and schedule.

We also had a great time at the National Ploughing Championships as guests at the Nissan stand. We did a bunch of cookery demonstrations that went down really well with visitors. We cooked two dishes at the same time to demonstrate just how easy and convenient it is to use Dropchef.

It was a great opportunity for people to see how easy it is for them to cook a healthy dinner in 15 minutes once they have all the ingredients in front of them. That’s the simplicity behind the meals and the service we offer. Our demonstration was well received and it was a lot of fun to show people what we’re about.

Roman and Sam did something similar on TV3’s ‘Ireland AM’ and we got a fantastic bump out of that. We haven’t done much TV before so it was great to be featured on the show and it really gave us an insight into the positive impact that TV can have on promoting Dropchef.

At the moment we are pushing ahead with getting a number of projects off the ground. It’s time-consuming and its really about trying to squeeze as much out of each hour in the day as possible. We are focused on expanding to meet the demand to provide a nationwide service. There is a lot of back-end planning to that to make sure that everything runs right and that our meals are shipped and delivered correctly.

On the sailing front, Sam is currently  sitting off Malta in the middle of the Rolex Middle C Race. It is a 600 mile off-shore race that can be pretty gruelling, especially with storms pushing through the Mediterranean. He started on Saturday and they are two days in. It is a pretty interesting race so far. A rope got wrapped around their keel in the middle of the night and someone had to take a swim to free it, but he is in with a chance of winning a series prize and it’s good to be covering for him and chasing success on all fronts.

Ploughing through September
October 2, 2016

Join the guys live commentary from the Ploughing Championships!

August TV and Radio appearances
September 10, 2016

Join Sam & Roman as they do their first Ireland AM appearance and interview on Spirit Radio!

TV appearances, showcasing at Google and picking up their new Pulsar!
August 23, 2016

Ryan Scott (26) and Sam O’Bryne (24) have had a summer to remember with success on all fronts as Nissan Generation Next ambassadors, food entrepreneurs and rising stars of Irish sailing. Here’s a recap from Ryan.

The past few weeks have been a lot about balancing our ambition to continue making Dropchef a success while also achieving success in international sailing. It has been hectic but we are happy to report positive results on both counts.

We picked up our new Nissan Pulsar on August 5th and I had to run that day to catch a flight to Southampton to take part in Cowes Week, which is one of the longest-running and biggest regattas in the world with 1,400 boats competing.

I competed in the Quarter Ton class as part of a five-man crew. We finished the week up in second place, narrowly missing out on the win. We were very happy with the result. While I was in Cowes I managed to get out sailing on an M32 catamaran. This is the same boat used in the World Tour so it was good to get a bit of experience on it. I feel like I’m more than fit enough to race one now and that all I now need to do is tp find a team with an open position.

As I write this Sam is going into the last day of the J24 European Championships. He is currently lying in 4th place (3rd European entry) so I’m really stoked to see that all his training over the last year has paid off. It has been quite busy at Dropchef recently and we just about found the time to focus on these events.

While I was away I missed DropChef’s first morning TV appearance. Fortunately, my co-founders Sam and Roman were all over it and did a great job – despite having to get out of bed at 4am!

Life at Dropchef continues to be busy and we recently joined a host of other up and coming food companies in showcasing our business at Google’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin. It was great to be joined there by fellow Nissan Generation Next ambassador Sarah O’Connor from the Cool Bean Company.

Google has been an important part of our story and we have had a hub at their base in Dublin now for nine months. Workers there can order meals through a separate part on our website and their order and easy to follow menus are delivered on the same day. On any given day there are upwards of 5,000 people working at the building.

All of our other deliveries are made on a Sunday and Monday and business is growing week by week. Dropchef saves customers time and money while also eliminating food waste. For every meal that we deliver we donate a meal to children with Severe Acute Malnourishment and we are looking forward to reaching some important milestones in the coming weeks. But more about that in our next blog.

Picking up their new Pulsar
August 19, 2016

Join Ryan and Sam on their first vlog as they pick up (and figure out) their new Pulsar!